Serge Hill

I have been to Serge Hill once before, Tom and Sue Stuart-Smith’s magical garden in a surreal part of Hertfordshire of dangerous country lanes just off the M1.

I am no gardener, so I could not tell you how the artful mix is achieved, nor, in most cases, what the planting is. I just enjoyed the colour mix, the sense of autumnal near-disorder, but restrained. I start with the front garden – big borders amongst clipped hedges:-

Then, there is the side garden – a sea of yellow in front of Ptolemy Dean’s perfectly configured shed :-

There is a new plant library laid out during Covid:-

And a new building under construction, designed by OKRA Studio:-

There are vegetables, like something from Beatrix Potter:-

I thought it was best when the sun came out, but now I’m not so sure:-


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