The Watercolour World

One of the projects that I have been very involved with is a charity called The Watercolour World, established by Fred Hohler to digitise both private and public collections of a medium which, because it is so light sensitive, is much less well known than it should be.

Now, after running it since its inception, Fred has decided to step down and so the Trustees – I am chairman – are preparing to recruit a new Director, who will have the responsibility of maintaining its momentum and raising funds to secure its future. I am posting the job description on the off chance that someone suitable will see it. If anyone knows of someone suitable, could they please let either me or Fred know ? It should be an extremely interesting role:-

The Watercolour World

The Known World before Photography


Anticipating the retirement of its Founder and current CEO, Fred Hohler, the Trustees of The Watercolour World now seek an energetic and committed Director,  knowledgeable about the history of watercolours and well-informed about the history of the period, to lead the project under the guidance of its Trustees into the next stage of its development.

The purpose of The Watercolour World is to create from private and public collections globally a freely available digital record of watercolours to help illuminate all aspects of the historical period 1750 to 1900.   Launched in early 2019, great progress has already been made towards this goal.  As currently constituted, the charity employs two full-time members of staff working under the Founder, supported by a dedicated team of volunteers.   There is adequate funding for the next two years, but funds will need to be raised to support the project thereafter.

Whoever is appointed will have considerable freedom under the Board of Trustees to develop the charity.   It will require someone of energy and determination to make this happen.   In addition, good social skills are required to work with private owners, together with an ability raise money and management experience to ensure that the charity is run in an efficient, cost-effective and appropriate way.

Application should be by email, including a cv and statement of intent, to the Founder, Fred Hohler (


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