King’s College, Cambridge (2)

I spent some of the time at dinner trying to figure out the pictures hanging on the other side of the hall, many of which were easily recognisable, but not all.

They were, from right to left:-

Montagu Rhodes James, artist not identified.

Goldworthy Lowes Dickinson by Roger Fry. They were friends and both Apostles.

Eric Milner White, the Dean of King’s from 1918 to 1942, responsible for the Service of Nine Lessons and Carols.

Lydia Lopokova, painted in 1923 by Duncan Grant in a dress that he had designed based on Ingres’s Portrait of Mademoiselle de la Rivière.

Julian Bell playing chess with Roger Fry, painted by Vanessa Bell presumably at Charleston c.1930.

Maynard Keynes by Duncan Grant (1908). This was the one I didn’t immediately recognise, less familiar than other later portraits of Keynes.

Dadie Rylands by Romi Behrens, an artist based in Cornwall.

Morgan Forster by Edmund Nelson, a strong portrait. Nelson had trained at Goldsmith’s, lived in Hampstead, and painted quite a few portraits of Cambridge figures after the war.

A.C.Pigou, the economist, also by Nelson

It’s a pretty impressive group, so much better than the Victorian worthies who used to be hung in the hall, and demonstrating the close links between King’s, the Bloomsbury Group and the Apostles from just before the First World War through to the 1920s, maintained into the 1960s by the presence of Rylands and Forster.


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