John Craxton (2)

Very good to hear Ian Collins, the biographer of John Craxton, talk about Craxton a year or so after the publication of his excellent book with Sofka Zinovieff, herself a partial exile in Greece. He began by showing one of Craxton’s early drawings, magically intense, full of imagination, as well as the influence of Samuel Palmer and Graham Sutherland. Then, Craxton chose a life of sociability, multiple friendships and extreme hedonism, and the art is never quite as intense or mystical again, more about pattern than meaning. It’s very good news that the exhibition, ‘John Craxton: A Restless Soul’, currently on in the Municipal Art Gallery of Chania, is coming to Britain next autumn. We can’t yet be told where. It will be good to see, not least for the big tapestry ‘Landscape with the Elements’, commissioned by the University of Stirling when Craxton was in exile from the Greek Colonels.


2 thoughts on “John Craxton (2)

  1. katefromcheshire says:

    I bought that book this summer after seeing the exhibition of John Craxton’s work when we were on holiday in Norfolk. I haven’t started to read it yet.

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