Frieze Masters

We missed Frieze last year, and this year only went to Frieze Masters. We did what we always do – start at Sam Fogg.

Flagellation (c.1450):-

Then saw a Hammershoi, The White Door (1888) at Agnew’s:-

There was an amazing Cosmetics Jar, deaccessioned by the Newark Museum, still with its lending slip at Ariadne:-

A Cosmetic Dish (c.1550 BC):-

And an Inscribed Stele (1st. Century AD):-

A rock crystal and gold reliquary (10th. Century) at Gisele Croës:-

Lucio Fontana, Battaglia (1947) at David Zwirner:-

Amazing Eileen Gray plates (c.1920) at Prahlad Bubbar:-

Then, I stopped recording.


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