Leighton House (2)

I have been trying to figure out how it is that the transformation/renovation/restoration of Leighton House has been so successful. Part of it must be financial – one feels that no expense has been spared to get the best result, so a credit to the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea which has overseen and presumably partly financed the restoration. Part of it must be due to judicious oversight on the part of the long-standing Senior Curator, Daniel Robbins, who has overseen two phases of the restoration since 2008. And part of it is a willingness to commission reproduction furniture where the originals are unavailable, including very good new furniture and fittings in the café commissioned from Syrian artisans working with Turquoise Mountain. It looks to me to be a model of good practice, with printed guides to works of art in each of the rooms, excellent and well-informed volunteer guides, and – not insignificant – good disabled access.


2 thoughts on “Leighton House (2)

  1. melanie1gibson says:

    Hello Charles, I am very pleased that you enjoyed your visit. I think the reasons you suggest are spot on – particularly in spotlighting Daniel, but I would add that Leighton House has an incredibly dedicated team working alongside him at and a very involved group of trustees (of whom I am one!) who raised a quarter of the money and were involved at every stage.

    • Dear Melanie, Bravo ! I tried to find out what I could both at the house by talking to staff and then online, but it was harder than I expected to figure out how it had been organised and financed. I’m really sorry to have left the trustees out. I probably left out a host of specialist advisors as well. Charles

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