The Corringham (1)

I have been meaning to have a look at this somewhat nondescript block of flats known as The Corringham at the top of Craven Hill not exactly for its architectural quality, but because it is one of the small number of recorded works by the architectural historian, Kenneth Frampton, designed 1960 to 1962, completed in 1964 when he was working for Douglas Stephen, a somewhat mysterious architect, not in the DNB, who had established his architectural practice in 1954 and later employed Carl Laubin:-


One thought on “The Corringham (1)

  1. Richard Bram says:

    As a lad in the early 1960s, I had several sets of Kenner Girder & Panel building toys, obviously designed to inspire youngsters to become architects. They consisted of red plastic girders that snapped together and cladding panels with little holes in the corners to be attached to pins jutting from the frames. I learned many fundamentals of structure playing with them, developed a great appreciation for architecture, but never became an architect. The resulting toy structures looked a lot like the Corringham. Here’s an example – click on the photos to see what could be done with them.

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