Dumfries House (4)

The November issue of The Critic has just appeared with an article I have written about my experience – and enjoyment – of Dumfries House in early September. Since then, a host of articles have been written about the King’s involvement in Poundbury and, more recently, Highgrove and what this tells one about his architectural interests and tastes. What I found impressive about Dumfries House was not just the conservation of the Adam house, but the use of vernacular design in the grounds.

Till recently, I could rely on the article becoming available online, but they have – no doubt sensibly – introduced a restriction on the number of articles they make freely available. So, you may have to wait or even buy a copy….


2 thoughts on “Dumfries House (4)

  1. joan says:

    I would imagine that after last night’s special royal edition of The Repair Shop many more people (numbering in the millions) will be aware of Dumfries House!

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