William Kentridge

We spent nearly half the day at the William Kentridge exhibition, with a break for lunch, which we found you need because of its intensity – the range of media, the use of film, the way it absorbs you into its world, both personal and political, which he seems to have managed to maintain at full blast into his sixties in spite of his fame, using the galleries of the RA very creatively, if a touch cacophonously in Gallery 3. It’s been a long time in the planning – he became an Hon. RA in December 2014 and I think the idea of the exhibition came soon thereafter. Quite an achievement, given that much of the work for it must have been done during lockdown, but then it has an air of work-in-progress, much to its benefit.


One thought on “William Kentridge

  1. joan says:

    We really enjoyed the exhibition especially as we had seen the production of The Head and The Load at Tate Modern as part of the 14-18 commemorations and also SIBYL at the Barbican earlier this year. It was good to see work associated with those productions. I guess that the Thick Time exhibition at the Whitechapel in 2016 was when we initially became properly interested in his work. I see that the Imagine documentary about him is being shown again on BBC4 this evening at 9pm followed by some of his short films.

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