Victor Margrie (1)

I had been told that Victor Margrie had died in early October (on October 5th.) and was bemused that there was absolutely no mention of it online because I have always regarded him as an exceptionally interesting and significant figure in the crafts revival of the late 1970s/early 1980s, when there were grants for graduates and the gallery in Waterloo Place, designed by Terry Farrell, was mainstream, before it migrated out to Islington.

Margrie had a strong belief in the relationship between the crafts and creativity/innovation/the avant garde and supported good writing in Crafts Magazine, when it was edited by Martina Margetts. There was a Crafts Council shop in the V&A and I think Margrie was himself a member of the V&A’s Advisory Council. There were craft demonstrations in the galleries of the V&A. Margrie stood down from directing the Crafts Council in 1984 and was then replaced by a man who was appointed because he refused to comment on the objects which were placed on the table in front of him – he said it wasn’t part of the job. The Crafts Council has never recovered.


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