Perdendosi (2)

I chaired a talk last night organised by the Cambridge Literary Festival in the Fitzwilliam Museum in which the Scottish photographer, Norman McBeath, talked with Edmund de Waal about their publishing project, Perdendosi, in which McBeath documented the appearance of dying leaves in Edinburgh during lockdown in beautiful, austere, classical images and then approached de Waal if he would consider providing text to accompany them. De Waal was himself alone in his studio in West Norwood and has written evocative short prose poems about aspects of mortality and decay which work alongside the images in an effective reciprocal way. He then introduced the project to Daphne Astor who has created a small press based outside Cambridge, The Hazel Press, which mainly publishes poetry. The photographs are displayed in the ground floor ceramics galleries. And the book is available either online, or from the London Review Bookshop or John Sandoe, or up until Christmas in the Gagosian pop-up shop in the Burlington Arcade. It’s an ideal Christmas present !


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