Hammersmith Mall

It’s a long time since I’ve walked along Hammersmith Mall: a place with memories; the Dove Press; the Dove pub; the William Morris Society, whose meetings MI5 attended; the house where Maria Bjørnson died in 2002; the boat race:-


2 thoughts on “Hammersmith Mall

  1. Richard Miles says:

    We moved to St.Peter’s Square, Hammersmith, designed by Loudon, in 1985, shortly before the birth of our first child. A largish South aspect four storey house, with views over the tree lined square, purchased for £325,000 then. We’d sold our previous abode in Roland Way, South Kensington, to Rowan Atkinson. I have to say that we spent twenty glorious years living there and two more children in between. The house was unspoiled, crooked door frames and a blue and white loo bowl featured in a book by Lucinda Lampton. Now completely stripped apparently and last time I looked it had been sold for around £3 million.

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