The Fitzwilliam Museum

I was pleased, if that is the word, to read the attached article about the funding cuts to the Fitzwilliam because I had tried to find out about how badly it had been cut after the ACE round was first announced, but unsuccessfully because the focus was so much on the dramatic cut to ENO. I can’t help but mourn what has happened, although I don’t envy the task that Nicholas Serota faced in having to choose where to wield his axe. He apparently protected Kettle’s Yard – good; but has slashed the University Museums – bad.

Oddly, we were in Fitzwilliam’s ceramics galleries a week or so ago for the Hazel Press display and I thought how good they looked – traditional yes, but traditional museum cases means that the whole history of ceramics is on display. I suspect the V&A is about to re-invent this type of display in V&A East in order to show off what it has in store, as in its new ceramics galleries on the top floor.


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