Winter sun

There are compensations for being in Wales at the time of the winter solstice: the fierceness of the sun when it emerges in the midst of rain; the emptiness at this time of year, exaggerated by the closure of the Menai Bridge, so that Anglesey feels a proper island:-


6 thoughts on “Winter sun

  1. Jean Walker says:

    What beautiful photos. It’s predicted to be 28 here in Tasmania for Christmas Day. Thank you for all,your interesting posts over the year and have a great Christmas in sunny Wales.

  2. Leslie Hills says:

    We are having some spectacular dawns up here in the north, from where many good wishes and thanks for the year’s posts. I meant to reply to your post about the total lack of attention to intangible cultural heritage in England. Scotland can’t join the Convention as only the UK can do that, but an initiative, I think of the museums, has given rise to an intangible cultural heritage site – which is collecting on a regional basis and is starting to make interesting reading. All best

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