Maureen Doherty

I bicycled to Egg this morning, the first time that I have been there since the death of its owner, Maureen Doherty, and missed her strong presence. Her taste and beautiful clothes survive, so specific to the shop: a back street, a mixture of bohemian and chic. She lived upstairs and would sometimes be sitting outside, friendly, but reserved. There can be few people who have maintained their sense of style and their aesthetic so consistently. I did not know that she worked for Issey Miyake, but am not at all surprised.


2 thoughts on “Maureen Doherty

  1. joan says:

    I think that when people (usually men) ask why clothes matter they should be shown the responses to Maureen Doherty’s death. The novelist Sarah Perry is particularly eloquent about her devotion to Egg clothing. The clothes sold at Egg have clearly allowed a group of women to feel like they are dressed as the person they are meant to be.

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