Musée Cluny (1)

We made it to the redisplayed Musée Cluny, which has a well considered entrance extension, designed by Bernard Desmoulin:-

An ancient head of a child, remounted in gold:-

Ariadne (6th. century):-

A Visigothic buckle:-

A Byzantine Adam and Eve:-

An ivory book binding plate (11th. century):-

The Apostles from the southern portal of Notre-Dame:-

Later medieval was inaccessible, owing to the platform lift being bust.


3 thoughts on “Musée Cluny (1)

  1. Rupert Christiansen says:

    such a pity, because I thought the access had been carefully and beautifully thought through. Are you going to the Carnavalet? Superb

  2. mauricedavies says:

    Did you spot that the more recent ‘scenography’ at Musée Cluny is by Adrien Gardere, including a crucifixion displayed in a very similar way to the one he installed in the Burlington House vaults.

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