Richard Saumarez Smith (2)

Following my brother’s recent, unexpected death, I wrote a short obituary of him for the Guardian as a way of documenting his life. The odd thing was that it got longer as they asked me to fill in the gaps in my account. As follows.


One thought on “Richard Saumarez Smith (2)

  1. fionabaigriehooper says:

    Dear Charles

    Thank you for sharing the obituary you wrote of your brother. What an interesting man, and accomplished life. You and your family will miss him very much. I have written this as a personal email response to you, it need not be on your blog – just to send you thoughts from New York where I am this morning, and empathy. I have four surviving brothers, the eldest having died when I was ten, and it is never far from mind that I am yet likely to experience one or more of their deaths during my lifetime.

    With kind regards

    Fiona (Hooper)


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