The Marshall Building

Last week, I went to see the new building at the LSE by Grafton Architects – another pretty impressive big project, £145 million the quoted cost, but worth it for what it does in terms of giving LSE a public face on Lincoln’s Inn Fields and giving the university more of a presence on its complex site: an interesting building, half quasi-concrete, neo-brutalist, but with a very strong humane feel, with lots of space for working and beautiful gardens on the rooftop. For some reason, my picture of the roof terraces didn’t make it onto the blog:-

Nor did my picture up into the heart of the building:-

Nor my picture of the staircase:-

For my more considered views, see the blog below:-


2 thoughts on “The Marshall Building

  1. joan says:

    My partner went to an event at the Marshall Building last week. His comment was that the interior is quite similar to both the UCL Marshgate building (which we visited on a hard hat tour) and the Warwick University Arts Building (which we have visited as our eldest son is a PhD student at Warwick). They all seem to share big circulation spaces where co-working is encouraged. From the photos it looks like the new London College of Fashion building will have the same feature.

    • Dear Joan, Yes, I was struck by its similarity to the University of Warwick Arts Building – the sense of scale and ambition, the idea of a big public forum. I assume it’s because they are all in competition with one another for prestige and students. Charles

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