David Chipperfield (1)

A very nice article by Edwin Heathcote about David Chipperfield winning the Pritzker Prize, for those who have an FT subscription (see below).

I’m particularly pleased, for obvious reasons, that it mentions the work he has done – and is still doing – at the Royal Academy, for which I sometimes feel he didn’t get the credit he deserved: partly because it opened not long before lockdown; partly because it is lowkey, about renovation, stitching two buildings together and reinstating a lecture theatre where there was a lecture theatre before; and partly because, as at the Neues Museum, he worked with Julian Harrap as conservation architect in an effective partnership. But these are precisely its virtues, fitting into the surrounding city and sensitive to its history, instead of being a big personal statement.

Like Heathcote, I just assumed he had won the Pritzker long ago.

https://on.ft.com/3YtTRxp via @FT


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