Villa Carlotta

I did not know that the Villa Carlotta on Lake Como, very close to where I am staying, contains one of the great collections of work by neoclassical sculpture.

The Marble Room on the ground floor is dominated by Venus and Mars by Luigi Acquisti:-

The frieze by Thorvaldsen.

Next door is the Muse Terpsichore by Canova (1811):-

In a small room, there is a large collection of cameos. Opposite is a room dominated by Canova’s Palamedes (1803-1808):-

Then on the opposite side is Cupid and Psyche, an early copy done in the 1830s:-

The whole place is remarkably well preserved, thanks to Giovanni Battusta Sommariva, a politician and collector, and the fact that it was taken over by a foundation in 1927:-


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