My Last Post on Twitter

About five years ago my blog was automatically connected to Twitter, such that everything I wrote was instantly broadcast in a much wider medium. As a result, I gradually began to follow Twitter myself – with mixed feelings. I have learned a huge amount from it. I like seeing pictures of Beaumaris posted by Jon Savage and of Lochaline by Hugh Raven. Is it worth the time it takes to follow it ? Yes and no. I sometimes think it is an electronic addiction, destroying the ability to concentrate more systematically.

Well, this morning, I received a message from WordPress telling me that from today what I say on my blog can no longer be connected to Twitter. Please disconnect. I’ve found the button. Do I mind ? Not especially. I have always regarded my blog as a niche interest, mainly for friends, and I sometimes forget that anyone reads it.

I haven’t followed all the changes that Elon Musk has made to Twitter and hitherto haven’t noticed any great changes to it. Actually, I’m secretly rather relieved by this change as it will maybe help cure my addiction. So, farewell Twitter. It will give me time to read more books.


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