Liverpool Street Station (24)

Rowan Moore does everything he can in the accompanying article to acknowledge the rationale and potential benefits of Herzog and de Meuron’s planned redevelopment of Liverpool Street Station, but in the end comes to the conclusion that too much of it is misconceived. Why, not least, have Network Rail allowed the station to fall into a state of neglect ? Why have they not already installed better lifts ? Why do they have to build two vast office blocks over the station just to perform what should be their normal statutory duties ?

Maybe they will revise it, but it’s hard to see how.


2 thoughts on “Liverpool Street Station (24)

    • Thank you for the link. I’ve just listened to the discussion. The man from Network Rail says there has been six months of public discussion and 100% of those consulted are in favour of redevelopment. As he says ‘Where’s the evidence ?’ Have alternatives been considered ? Has there been an options appraisal ? Has it been published ? Charles

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