The Private Museum of Mr. Zhu

We have just come back from a wonderful outing to meet Mr. Zhu.   We drove deep into the countryside outside Beijing where the landscape becomes hilly and full of vineyards.   This is where Mr. Zhu has the headquarters of his agricultural empire, including camels.   When the communist regime began to encourage private enterprise, he saw the opportunity of marketing juice.   Now he supplies all the fruit juice in China.   From this benign agricultural activity, he has built his own private museum of geological specimens, the most remarkable fossils, as well as rare bottles of wine and juice packaging from around the world.   The British Ambassador arrived and we had the most delicious meal of the finest thin beef and fresh vegetables gathered straight from the fields, cooked in little stewpots in front of one.   We drank the best French and Italian wines washed down with plentiful toasts.


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