Castello Di Rivoli

On our last day in Piedmont, we finally made it to the Castello Di Rivoli, the Savoy palace just north of Turin which was converted into a museum of contemporary art in 1984.   I had been once before, but only for a cocktail party.   I didn’t see the point of it.   This time I did:  a grand, half derelict Royal palace, emptied of its contents and only half restored, used as a setting for installation art.   Richard Long, Joseph Kosuth, Rebecca Horn, Tony Cragg, Mona Hatoum, as well as artists of the Arte Povera.   Each was given a room to adapt.   Each room is an installation in its own right, establishing a satisfying tension between the art and its setting, vastly more successful as an experience than the nearby Castello Di Venaria, likewise stripped of all original contents, but now filled with fake touristic gizmos, trying to fill the void.



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