Hubert Saumarez Smith

I have been prompted by the correspondence with my hitherto unknown cousin Ben Heywood (see comments) to take an interest in the life of my grandfather Hubert.  I realise how little I know about him.   He died in 1950 before I was born.   My mother used to say he was a saintly character and there was always an implied contrast to his wife Muriel, who used to wear a hat for dinner.   He spent nearly his entire adult life as the vicar of All Saints, Waldershare, a church in rural east Kent which was declared redundant in 1980.   As far as I understand it, his only parishioner was the Earl of Guilford.   An enthusiastic freemason, he sent my father to Winchester, but educated my aunt Margaret at home.   She got a first class degree in English so the education must have been good.


4 thoughts on “Hubert Saumarez Smith

  1. Sue Wadey says:

    St Pancras Church Coldred (adjacent to Waldershare) has an oil painting of the Madonna and child given to Hubert and Muriel Saumarez Smith by their children. As Churchwarden, I would like to know more about this painting. It is in a gilded framce and has no visible signature.

    • I wish I could help. They had two children, Margaret and my father, William Hanbury. Neither were particularly interested in art. My guess is that the picture was presented following my grandfather’s death in 1950.

  2. Sue Wadey says:

    Thank you very much for your reply. Would you be able to suggest anyone local who might be able to value the painting? We are proposing to open the church in daylight hours and need to remove anything of value before we do so.

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