Catherine Goodman (15)

The first sight of my portrait is by j-peg.   Catherine has sent me a digital image to inspect.   What’s the verdict ?  First off, it’s a bit of a shock.   She said my brow had been getting higher and higher.   But the Mekon ?  Then I remember that the sitter is the least good judge of a portrait, being familiar only with the image in the mirror in the morning and photographs, which always lie.   It’s as much an interpretation of character as it is a strict likeness.   It’s good on the physicality of a head, its three-dimensionality.   Besides, it’s quite wrong to judge it without seeing it.   The verdict at home is that it’s particularly good on the eyes and eyebrows:



6 thoughts on “Catherine Goodman (15)

  1. Amanda Kinsman says:

    I think you are more urbane and less craggy. And the brow does seem un’ po’ esagerata. But people say portraits come into their own ten years on.

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