Sir Richard MacCormac (1)

I have just been to the launch of a book that Richard MacCormac (RA) has produced about the house he has lived in in Heneage Street, Spitalfields, and, more importantly, the house next door where Jocasta Innes, his partner for the last three decades, lived.   It’s called Two Houses in Spitalfields.   She bought no.5, which had been built for a brewer, in the late 1970s.   Her daughter, Tabitha, evoked the heroic days of Spitalfields preservation, when their house had few amenities but electric light, Brick Lane had only curry houses, and much of the area was faced by demolition.   The neighbours met one another in a nearby pub and Richard’s house could apparently be reached from Jocasta’s via a secret door made out of a fireplace.   Jocasta died in April 2013.   Her house is now up for sale.   The book is a photographic record.


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