Hauser and Wirth in Somerset

We were invited to the opening of the new Hauser and Wirth gallery in Somerset.   I mistakenly thought that the opening was at lunchtime, so we were nearly the first people there.   It’s a fascinating phenomenon of an ultra sophisticated, international, avant garde art gallery opening on the outskirts of Bruton.   Its galleries are now in London, New York, soon to be in Los Angeles, and  Bruton.   It’s been very beautifully done, with an old medieval house converted by the Argentinian architect Luis Laplace as a guest house for artists:



There’s an exhibition by Phyllida Barlow, full of life and an anarchic pleasure in found objects, like an installation by Zuni Indians:




There’s a garden designed by Piet Oudolf:



And there’s a shop, a restaurant, soon to be a farm shop and a bar:


Is this the future ?  Art outside cities in rural surroundings, a combination of Daylesford and Naoshima.


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