Hughie O’Donoghue

I was asked to the opening of a set of three paintings in the Chapter House of Westminster Abbey entitled The Measure of all Things.   I had heard that he had done a set of paintings commemorating the first world war for Eton College.   These may belong to the same genre, thoughtful and reflective meditations on death, realist, but not over so, and made poignant by his family’s own experience of war.   I couldn’t quite work out the technique, which is nearly photographic:




I also found it unexpectedly moving being back in the East Cloister where the choir used to line up before evensong:


There is a monument to Daniel Pulteney turning the pages of a book:


And lettering by Tom Phillips:


I was taken into the nave of the abbey through Poets’ Corner, past the monument to Handel and the double monument to Lady Lechmere and Sir Thomas Robinson.   An organist was practising after evensong.


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