The prospect of going on holiday tomorrow has led me to dig out my copy of Jane and Michael Stern’s Roadfood.   I was first recommended it in the summer of 1988 when we were due to drive across America from Santa Barbara to Philadelphia.   Someone said ‘Get a copy of Roadfood‘.   They were right.   We did the whole trip by driving from diner to diner, including Craig’s Bar-B-Q and the Family Pie Shop,  right opposite one another in DeValls Bluff in deepest Arkansas.   In 2007, we drove from Chicago to San Francisco by way of Seattle and again used Roadfood as a guide to where to go to, including the Yellowstone Drugstore in Shoshoni, Wyoming.   It was before everyone had become obsessed by food writing and we used to read out the Sterns’ long, loving descriptions of their favourite hot dog store with delight.   Of course, it’s now a subscription website.   And the Sterns have divorced.


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