The High Line

I was keen to see the High Line again a) because it has recently been extended b) because a generous benefactor has made it possible to green the space between our two buildings at the RA following the model of The High Line.   I walked down it all the way from 30th and 10th to Gansevoort Street, enjoying how it weaves through the old industrial buildings and art galleries of Chelsea down to the meatpacking district:





2 thoughts on “The High Line

  1. Andrew Stewart-Roberts says:

    Dear Charles
    I enjoy every one of your (very high class) tweets (is that the correct term?) but the High Line was new to me and deserves comment, mainly since it comes as such a surprise. When I lived in New York for two years during the war the El on Third Avenue had something of the same attraction, but I believe that is long gone. I only wish I had an opportunity to see the HL for real! I imagine the views, far and near, must be fascinating. I look forward to seeing the RA’s miniature equivalent.

    Best wishes from us both – I look forward to seeing you at Brooks’s one day

    Andrew S-R

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