The Gardens at Boughton

The Duke took us on a tour of the gardens at Boughton which he is reviving with Kim Wilkie.   The original garden was apparently originally laid out as a grand and spacious formal garden, with lakes and parterres, with help from a Dutch engineer.   In 1698 the Duke of Shrewsbury was invited to admire the waterworks on his way back from Newmarket.   In 1724, William Stukeley visited and described how ‘the gardens contain fourscore and ten acres of ground, adorn’d with statues, flower-pots, urns of marble and metal, many very large basons, with variety of fountains playing, aviarys, reservoirs, fishponds, canals, admirable greens, wildernesses, terraces, &c.’

It now has an elegiac quality with elements of the lakes still visible, the trees grown to full maturity, and the second Duke’s mound restored, alongside an inverted mound dug out in the clay.

This is a view of the mound of 1724, which was planned as a base for the second Duke’s mausoleum:


This is the lake at the bottom of Kim Wilkie’s mound:


And these are views of the park:






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