Tessa Traeger

The reason we went to Boughton yesterday was to see an exhibition of new work by Tessa Traeger which is the result of three years as artisi-in-residence looking at and studying both the pictures and the  Beauchamp-Feuillet system of notation used to record early eighteenth-century dance.   I have been an admirer of her work ever since her photographs of food in Vogue in the early 1980s.   In the late 1990s, I discovered that she was extremely knowledgeable about gardens and she was commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery to do a series of photographs of gardeners and their gardens which ended up as an exhibition and a book, A Gardener’s Labyrinth, which must now be a collectors’ item.   More recently, she did a wonderful photographic study of the people of the Ardeche, Voices of the Vivarais.   Her exhibition is called The Calligraphy of Dance and will be shown at Purdy Hicks.   But the photographs look best alongside the pictures on which they’re based.


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