The Flat White Economy

On Friday afternoon I was walking with Adam Dant up Holywell Row, a fairly nondescript diagonal street just south of Great Eastern Street on the northern fringes of the city.   He casually observed that we were walking through the heartland of the new digital economy, which is based classically round the so-called Silicon Roundabout at the junction to City Road.   I ordered the new book by Douglas McWilliams to learn more about this phenomenon.   Nearly 25% of all UK sales are now online.   32,000 new businesses were registered in EC1V between March 2012 and March 2014.   3.2 million cups of coffee are sold in London every day.   It is worth registering that the growth in the digital economy is driven by young, highly educated, migrant, bicycling Europeans, many of whom live in Haringey.


4 thoughts on “The Flat White Economy

  1. Joanna Cruddas says:

    This blog has caused a flurry of communication with my Australian rellies who complained for years that no-one over here knew what a ‘flat white’ was. My sister finally writes that she believes the term originated in Melbourne after an influx of Italians and their coffee machines.

  2. Sarah Brown says:

    It was just recently that I heard or read, but I think heard on the ABC RN station that flat whites were first developed in Melbourne. At the time it didn’t seem of that importance and didn’t take much notice except to register the information. I didn’t realise it might become an issue in London. I am Joanna’s sister in Australia!

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