Earl of Sandwich

In reading about eighteenth-century travellers to Greece, I am surprised how many of them made it to Delos, island hopping (there is an excellent article by David Noy, ‘Dreams inspired by Phoebus:  Western visitors to Delos from the seventeenth to nineteenth century’ in International Journal of the Classical Tradition, 18:3, September 2011, pp.372-392).   John Montagu, fourth earl of Sandwich, who was later to be an important naval administrator and patron of cricket, as well as the putative inventor of the sandwich (he apparently asked for meat between two pieces of bread whilst gambling) arrived in 1738 en route to Egypt.   He described how ‘the most remarkable ornaments of this city were the temple of Apollo, a theatre, a naumachium, gymnasium, several very grand porticos, a temple on honour of Apollo and Diana, besides a great number of altars and statues dedicated to different gods and heroes’.


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