Rev. William Petty

While Thomas Roe was acquiring antiquities for the Duke of Buckingham, the Rev. William Petty was doing the same for the Earl of Arundel, furnished with permits issued by Roe and, to begin with, an expectation, rejected by Arundel, that his findings should be split jointly between the two collectors.   Petty, who was Arundel’s chaplain, travelled out to Venice in 1624 and then to Constantinople and throughout the Mediterranean.   According to Roe, he was ‘able to judge of pieces of worth, and spares no labour…He hath gotten many things, going himself into the islands’.   What Petty acquired was shipped to London in 1627 and attracted huge interest, catalogued the following year by John Selden as Marmorae Arundelliana.   In the eighteenth century, William Stukeley described how the collection of Arundel Marbles at Easton Neston included ‘an intire column of marble in two pieces, fluted, taken from among the ruins of the temple of Apollo at Delos’.


2 thoughts on “Rev. William Petty

  1. On return from my Florentine fellowship, great to see so much intresting stuff about one of my favorite subjects… For more on Digby and Delos, Arundel, Roe, Petty et al, as well as the lesser-known: ‘Bullen Reymes and Lord Carnarvon visiting Delos in 1634 en route for Athens and Constantinople’ see E. Chaney, The Evolution of English Collecting (Yale UP, 2003), passim….

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