Christmas Film

Since it has already been referred to in one of the Comments, I am posting the RA’s Christmas video, partly because of its high production values and partly because of the surrealism of my nearly non-speaking role.   My opticians, E.B. Meyrowitz of Royal Arcade, complained that I am never seen wearing spectacles, but on this occasion they play a starting role:-

4 thoughts on “Christmas Film

  1. A starring role for Your Spectacles, but they shared billing with Christopher, Beth, Clare, Maurice and with that enchanting child in the Courtyard (and her mother? ).

    A brilliant innovation (or have I not been fortunate enough to receive one in previous years ? ).

    The perfect way to end the RA’s year. And now we can see what you were working on in the Library !

  2. helenreesleahy says:

    Yes, belated thanks for sharing this – and warmest good wishes for 2016. Both to the RA, and to you – and I hugely look forward to another indefatigable year of your amazing daily blog!

    I loved the little film – well played, everyone – even Maurice in his new role as locker-up-of-the-library. H x

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