Happy Christmas

I am writing to wish all the readers of my blog a Happy Christmas, to thank you for your loyalty to it through the course of the year, for the nice comments made the day before yesterday when you may have thought I was switching off, and my one lone reader in Japan who unfailingly logs in.   I am posting a view out of the window last weekend (the windows need cleaning) with my best wishes:-



12 thoughts on “Happy Christmas

  1. Victoria says:

    Just to write that I very much enjoy reading your blog and looking at the photos you post. I’ve learned a lot more about architecture, paintings and ancient history over the last year since discovering it. Wishing you a happy Christmas too and looking forward to seeing where your blog takes me and all your fellow readers next. Victoria

  2. Denise says:

    A very Happy Christmas to you Charles. Really enjoying the blog too, it is inspiring in every way. Looking forward to more posts next year.

  3. How right Denise and Victoria are ! Your blog is a daily delight and education. I’ve given my wife in her Stocking a copy of Ian Nairn’s LONDON, a classic, which is the book that your blog most resembles, but, love Nairn though I do, your blog is far more detailed, and observant, and full of surprises (I was struck , leafing through Nairn, how poor (and wrong) he is about Burlington House and the Academy).

    And I doubt that Nairn has devoted readers in Japan !

    Thank you, Charles. If it’s a Labour, even of Love, to post something every day, it really is appreciated by your readers.

  4. Pamela Glasson Roberts says:

    A very Happy Christmas to you & your family & I agree with all the comments above! I hope you were eventually sent a copy of my Coburn book some weeks ago? Not for Christmas, just for life!

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