The Age of Giorgione (1)

I have been doing background reading for our exhibition, In the Age of Giorgione, which opens on Wednesday to Friends of the RA and on Saturday to the wider public.   That the exhibition is happening at all is a triumph of diplomacy by its two curators, Simone Facchinetti from the Museo Adriano Bernareggi in Bergamo and Arturo Galansino, formerly of the RA and now in charge of the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence.   There have been previous exhibitions of Giorgione, most recently at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.   But the presumption is that it should be impossible, given the lack of availability of loans and the general uncertainty of attribution.   Arturo originally wanted to do a monographic exhibition on Giovanni Cariani.   We all said it was much too specialist.   So, instead he has made a virtue of the general uncertainty surrounding Giorgione and it is now the central subject of the exhibition.   Who was Giorgione ?  And to what extent is it possible to distinguish his paintings from those of his contemporaries ?

In the Age of Giorgione: 12 March 2016 – 5 June 2016


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