The Post Office Tower (1)

The Post Office Tower is a building which I have cheerfully ignored throughout my adult life.   I suppose there was a time when I might have hankered to have lunch in its revolving restaurant, but never did.   Then, its restaurant was closed by the threat of IRA terrorism since which the Tower has been strangely invisible even if – perhaps especially if – one is walking up Cleveland Street.   So, it was with a slight sense of awe that I looked out of a nearby tower block and saw it pencil-thin, still vaguely futuristic, silhouetted against the evening sky and dominating everything around it:-


The view of the Euston Road wasn’t bad either:-



4 thoughts on “The Post Office Tower (1)

  1. Andrew Jackson says:

    That splendid shot of the Post Office tower really does bring back the excitement and wonder prompted by its appearance way back in the 1960s. So symbolic of the telecommunications’ and space age with its rocket-like profile. How amazing and very apposite, therefore, that your camera managed to pick up the pair of U.F.O.s hurtling towards it.

  2. Andrew Jackson says:

    It’s design has always been attributed to Eric Bedford, Director of PublicBuildings and Works, but I wonder who really ‘penned’ it.

    • I think it looks extremely likely to have been Bedford himself as the Chief Architect to the Ministry of Works and responsible for the Ottawa Hilton. He seems to have been that generation of technocratic modernist. Charles

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