St. Mary Aldermary

I was lurking around Bow Lane waiting for my breakfast meeting when I wandered into St. Mary Aldermary, which is a Wren church which has been half turned, rather successfully, into a coffee bar.   It must have been the recent memory of the several medieval churches on the site, as well as a generous legacy from a citizen whose widow is said to have insisted on a stylistic reconstruction, which led Wren to provide a much more scholarly version of fan vaulting than would have been possible a century later:-



3 thoughts on “St. Mary Aldermary

  1. Jocelyn says:

    This fascinating ceiling intrigued me to take a virtual walk to see the outside of the church. Google maps took me to the rear where I spotted an interesting statue of what appeared to be a cobbler at work. I couldn’t understand why it was placed on a small obscure street. A further search on google led me to this site and an interesting social history lesson. Thanks for the tip.

    All the best,

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