The Age of Giorgione (2)

Having now read the catalogue of In the Age of Giorgione with admiration and care, I have realised how uncertain are the sands of attribution.   Each generation has obviously treated differently the relationship between late Bellini, early Titian, Dosso Dossi and Giorgione somewhere in between.   From the catalogue, it feels as if the current generation has expanded early Titian at the expense of Giorgione and emphasised the influence of Durer to Venetian art above that of Leonardo, which is more documented.   One of the problems is the lack of availability for loan of the Castelfranco Altarpiece, which marks most clearly the break from the style of Bellini – the softer style of painting, the dreamy landscape, the Madonna set high on her throne.   This ought to anchor the radicalism of the young Giorgione.


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