El Anatsui Hon. RA

One of the more unexpected aspects of my job is that whenever a new RA is elected, I read the so-called Roll of Obligation which was written on 14th. December 1768, four days after the foundation of the RA, and requires the newly elected RA to obey a set of duties and obligations – ‘Laws, & Regulations…and other Laws, By Laws, or Regulations, either made, or hereafter to be made’.   Although I have now read it many times, I still find it somewhat inscrutable, heavy with a sense of duty and responsibility which is not quite specified.   Last night I read it out in honour of El Anatsui, the great Ghanaian/Nigerian artist who was elected as an Honorary RA two years ago:-









4 thoughts on “El Anatsui Hon. RA

  1. Maurice Davies says:

    Sadly, Charles is right; Honoraries are under no obligation to give a Diploma work. But I wonder if for 2018 we might start a gentle campaign of smiling sweetly and asking nicely…

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