Jim Grover

I crossed Blackfriars Bridge this morning to see the exhibition of photographs by Jim Grover in the gallery on the ground floor of the Oxo Tower.   He has documented a year in the life of Kit Gunasekera, the vicar of St. James’s Church in Clapham, in black-and-white on a digital Leica camera.   What comes across is the toughness of the life of the clergy nowadays, administering to a shrinking and generally elderly congregation, documenting every service and the numbers attending.   It’s an effective piece of photo-realism, helped by the Sri Lankan saintliness of the clergyman’s face.


3 thoughts on “Jim Grover

  1. edward chaney says:

    oh but surely an anglican renaissance is now imminent (as our second most popular religion) given the archbishop of canterbury’s announcement that it is not racist to believe that the encouragement of ongoing immigration, however productive of ‘growth’, might not be entirely sensible?

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