The silence of the blog

I apologise to my readers for the silence of the blog.   On Sunday evening I got sick and have been suffering all week with some form of virulent flu, so have not been able to do anything other than lie in bed feeling miserable, not helped by the fact that it has become so nearly impossible to be seen by a doctor in the modern day NHS.   I hope to resume normal service next week.


10 thoughts on “The silence of the blog

  1. Jane Wainwright says:

    Sounds miserable, Charles. Hope you are feeling better. I missed your blogs, but don’t feel pressured. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

  2. Toshio Kusamitsu says:

    I was wondering how could it be that Charles was not posting these days. I am sorry you suffer from sickness, and hope to get better speedily. I met Keith and Valerie Thomas and took them to several museums in Tokyo, finishing with a Michelin starred restaurant specialised in barbecuing chicken. Haven’t heard from the Japan House yet.

  3. Ah ! I was wondering …. Poor you ! But good to read all the Comments and to realise that you have been widely missed, not just by me.

    We all look forward to Monday, and send you many fond wishes.

  4. pbmum says:

    And there was me guessing that you were somewhere exotic. It does seem to be a particularly bad year for nasty viruses. In our house with three teenagers there is always something going round. It often feels as if something infects all five of us and then just mutates enough to start another bout with whoever got rid of the original virus first. If it is any consolation, if you did manage to get to see a GP (getting a quick appointment at ours is impossible) they’d probably tell you to do exactly what you are doing.

    Hope you feel better soon,


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