River Thames

I have been reading Rowan Moore’s new book about London, Slow Burn City, which, like every book about London, includes a chapter about the role of the Thames and the grand transformation of its sewerage by Joseph Bazalgette.

On Friday, I looked down river towards the changing skyline of the City:-


Today, as the towpath was covered in mist and the tide was turning, I saw the sun break out over Canary Wharf:-




3 thoughts on “River Thames

  1. Rowan Moore is good. The tragedy of the Thames in London is that for the past three hundred years we have turned our backs on the river and used it for industrial waste and sewage. Where once the finest houses came down to the water’s edge, today traffic growls along its banks and there are few places you can walk, let alone sit with a drink, or food, and enjoy this beautiful, tidal river. We need to face the river once again and embrace it as the heart of our city. It is now free of pollution, but our attitude to it remains unchanged : we turn our face away.

  2. edward chaney says:

    poignant pix complementing inadvertently (?) appropriate book title on the eve of the great meltdown… xe

  3. Colin D. Brooking Dip Arch RIBA says:

    A champion body is wanted for the Thames, a place to celebrate its history, ecology, economy. Where a wider view than MoL can be shared, water and river, ecology, boats, uses, recreation and festival can be given a focus and celebrated.

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