Conrad Shawcross RA

In amongst the colonnades and potted palms in the front lobby of the Peninsula Hotel is a large robot designed by Conrad Shawcross, inspired by the work of Ada Lovelace who wrote an algorithm regarded as the first computer programme.   This evening we had a press launch to celebrate the collaboration, followed by a short musical performance in which the robot did a slow form dance to the sound of a short contemporary opera piece composed by Mira Calix and based on words by Alan Turing:-



4 thoughts on “Conrad Shawcross RA

  1. I’m in Hong Kong as well. Spent a fascinating morning at the Museum of History’s Ming exhibition followed by watching the yacht race in the fog. Your post tempts me along to the Peninsula to view the robot. Thank you for that. Kinfd regards, Mary

  2. Edward Chaney says:

    When sometime in 1991 Ada Lovelace landed on the historians’ desk of the then London Region of the then English Heritage as a Blue Plaque possibility, I initially suspected a possible case of positive discrimination but was quickly won over and took her on, where her father, Lord Byron, followed by her husband, Lord Lovelace, had abandoned her to the controlling (christianizing) clutches of her mathematical mother, ‘the princess of parallelograms’ who prevented her from seeing her friend, Charles Babbage, and deprived her of laudanum when she was dying of cancer). I’m now v proud of having had her erected on the facade of her St James’s Square mansion (though because of difficulties caused by Cubitt’s stuccoing, the positioning of the plaque makes it looks as if she lived in the basement)…

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