Antony Gormley RA

I spent the middle part of the day exploring the back streets of Hollywood Road and down into Des Voeux Road in search of works by Antony Gormley which have been installed on a wide range of roof tops, 31 in all, throughout Central Hong Kong.   It’s a lesson in long distance visual exploration, searching out for the distant figures perched on the edge of the tallest landmark buildings:-








3 thoughts on “Antony Gormley RA

  1. They bring to mind the remarkable works by Antony Gormley on buildings around the Hayward Gallery some years ago, Sentinels looking down on our lives.

    What a happy chance that this comes the day after your blog on Conrad Shawcross : they illustrate the remarkable quality of current Royal Academicians.

  2. Do visit Asia Society Hong Kong Center on 9 Justice Drive. We have one Antony Gormley at our Center as well! We are an heritage site of former explosives magazine of the British military! You must come for a visit!

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