Lennox Gardens

I was a bit early for drinks in Cadogan Square so found a park bench to sit on in the middle of Lennox Gardens as someone had accidentally left the gate open.   It’s not my normal patch – I’ve barely been to Cadogan Square since the death of Denis Mahon – but I could not help but be impressed by the calm and the greenness of a square laid out between 1882 and 1886 on a site previously occupied by a cricket ground and before that Cattleugh’s nursery, which specialised in the sale of pines:-




One thought on “Lennox Gardens

  1. Edward Chaney says:

    It seems you may not have received my gripping response to your blog on the York House Watergate, pointing out that it was Charles Stoakes rather than Nicholas Stone who wrote about his uncle Nicholas Stone designing as well as building Buckingham’s Watergate. Nicholas Stone junior was the Elder Stone’s son rather than nephew, travelling on his father’s behalf to Italy in the 1630s where he chatted up Bernini in his studio and the Grand Duke of Tuscany in the Uffizi… The other candidate for the design – apart from Inigo Jones and Stone – was the somewhat dodgy (and more Baroque) Sir Balthazar Gerbier, as discussed in yours truly’s Evolution of the Grand Tour (again)… and whilst self-promoting (at greater length in my disappeared original) i thought I’d promote my daughter’s London Baroque Festival (Purcellifying) concert at St John’s Smith Square this Sunday (the 15th) at 9.30 (after Iestyn Davies who will probably accompany her also for a song or two). I am informed that despite the following fascinating advanced publicity there are (scandalously) still seats available…



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