Hugh Honour (1)

I have only just read of the recent death last Thursday of Hugh Honour, the writer and polymathic art historian, through his obituary in the Daily Telegraph which was tweeted (I don’t normally do twitter).   I greatly admired him and owe him a debt of gratitude for suggesting that I study at Harvard as he had enjoyed the hospitality of the Fogg’s common room.   The Companion Guide to Venice was my first introduction to the literature of travel and I still regard it as the perfect model of a guide book.   I bought the book that he commissioned from Michael Levey on the Early Renaissance when it first came out and used his book in the same series on Neoclassicism as an exemplary introduction to the topic.   In fact, the books in the Penguin Style and Civilisation series remain models of literate and discursive art history.   A great and admirable man of letters.


One thought on “Hugh Honour (1)

  1. How right you are about Hugh Honour : his books are beacons in the writing about Art in our generation : Romanticism, Neo-Classicism and, above all his books with John Fleming, especially the definitive A World History of Art.

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